Elegance is not about being noticed. It’s about being remembered

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Elegance is not about being noticed.It’s about being remembered.
This editorial was located in my favorite island,Syros during my Christmas vacation. I am thankful for the collaboration with Eftichia Sigala, a talented and professional fashion photographer.

Photographer:Eftichia Sigala
How to wear a pink coat.

A fashionable pink coat is always an elegant choice for every type of women.I would like to show you how to wear an chic pale pink coat with a modern way.I like to combine black leather,extraordinary jewelry,a belt bag that is a must for the last seasons and black leather boots .

My outfit was
Coat: Lena Katsanidou
Headpiece: Lena Katsanidou
Earrings: Axaopoulou Jewelry (silver and gold plated earrings with an artistic and chic way to express the style of the women) Belt Bag:Prada Sunglasses:Alexander McQueen from Kokkoris Optics Leggings :Zara Blouse:Koton Shoes:Zara from Milano Location :Syros island ,the island of my childhood.